Our Story

When it came to helping forestry invested consumers work easier and more efficiently, Brian Depue had ideas that worked. That is what started Maxx Forestry and what continues to drive its success since 2005. Now, one of the top suppliers in the Western United States, Brian’s grassroots demeanor and approachable attitude toward helping others is driving sales and making solid partnerships where consumers win.


Customized Buying Experience

As a full-service forestry equipment provider, you can choose your preferred method of receiving services. Whether you’re a tech-friendly purchaser who uses our site for research, purchase, and delivery or if you want one-on-one sales communication with a knowledgeable staff member, Maxx Forestry customizes your equipment purchasing experience to your comfort level.


Why Shop with Maxx Forestry?

Buying the best products shouldn’t mean a trade-off in services or price. At Maxx Forestry we offer the complete purchase experience focused on a better, easier way of reaching your forestry goals.

  • Ready-to-Deliver Inventory
  • 2-Decades Customer Satisfaction Purchase Expertise
  • Bottom-Line Pricing Structures with No Surprises


  • Sawmills

    Sawmills are a great way to use wood which would otherwise go to waste and makes use of wood in a very sustainable way. We customize mills to match the right purchase to the user experience.

  • Firewood Processors

    Automating firewood production is a common forestry solution that saves a vast amount of time and cost for labor. We offer some of the highest quality, reasonably priced units on the market.

  • Skidding Winches

    Safety and efficiency in logging helps us make less of an environmental impact. Advanced skidding winches can have customized settings while creating a safer option for all users.

  • Log Splitters

    Splitting firewood from softwood to hardwood logs with optional add-ons that increase production is important. We offer heavy duty equipment for smarter use of your time.

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