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    Brian Depue, founder of Maxx Forestry, has been selling forestry equipment since 1995. As a Midwest native, Brian noticed Colorado tree service companies were using homeowner log splitters when he first moved here in 2003. Knowing that there was a better, easier way for these companies to succeed, he reached out to his network and became a Colorado-based dealer for commercially built log splitters out of the Midwest. Although it was an uncertain move, Brian successfully sold out of all his inventory in just a few short months.

  • This spurred Brian on to use his extensive industry knowledge to open Maxx Forestry in 2004, stocking log splitters as his first product offering. In 2011, he partnered with Hud-Son to meet the sawmill interest of his buyers and quickly grew into offering a complete Hud-Son product line as a distributor. Maxx Forestry buyers were excited to purchase skidding winches, grapples, log splitters, firewood processors, and conveyors.

    Brian’s no-nonsense, honest approach to business and his desire to help people find better ways to meet their forestry needs has led to an even higher sales volume and an expanded service area with buyers coming from all parts of the western United States. His direct customer and business approach has led to an even stronger relationship with Hud-Son Manufacturing.

  • The one-on-one relationship with the manufacturer makes Brian a source for buyers with integrity, influence, and education. That strong partnership is what makes Maxx Forestry online purchasing process so successful providing detailed product knowledge to support both the research and purchasing process.

    Maxx Forestry has many retail locations throughout the Western U.S. and also acts as a supplier and distributor to other dealers throughout the entire United States.

  • Who is Maxx?

    Maxx Forestry is named after Brian’s special hunting dog, Maxx (left). Brian first met Maxx when he was 4-weeks old in Prairie, WI. Brian instantly knew he was going to be a great hunting partner and friend for years to come. He rode shotgun to work daily with Brian and became an avid partner. He was also a certified bird-dog in Illinois, loving to hunt with Brian and mastering fetch!

    Though Maxx has passed away, the title of special hunting dog has been passed to Brian's current buddy, Kaige (right). She is just as spry and adventurous as Maxx was and is always ready to play ball or fetch pheasants. She is a friendly, loving mascot for Maxx Forestry, carrying the torch for Maxx and being a highlight in everyone's day!

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