Why Shop Maxx Forestry?

Maxx Forestry is a full-service sawmill creation company featuring some of the best brands in the industry. Maxx Forestry maintains the highest inventory available on low-impact logging equipment, wood processing equipment, and sawmills themselves. We sell direct to businesses, but are also a direct to consumer supplier. Our customers trust our process; that’s why they buy from us. We knowledgeably walk each buyer through a needs analysis relying on our vast product knowledge to find the most cost effective solutions that meet the client’s needs.

Our customers value our shipping knowledge too. When you are buying equipment you need to know the bottom-line and not be surprised with hidden fees. With our ready-to-deliver inventory, product knowledge, and bottom-line pricing structure; Maxx Forestry is respected and looked at as a leader in forestry equipment. Many of our products are ‘American Made’ and ideal for hobbyists, property owners, contractors, and tree services.

5-Star Reviews

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