Firewood Bundlers

Of 4 models to chose from:

  • The Original
  • Mini Wood Bundler
  • Mid Size Bundler
  • Electric Firewood Bundler

​You have many options to suit your needs, Very simple to use, load your desired amount and wrap it up. 

HUD-SON Log Grapples/Rotators/Lifting Arm

We offer many different styles/designs to best suit your needs, weather you need one that rotates or not, or just plain tongs and a lifting arm. HUD-SON has options.

HUD-SON Badger Firewood Processor

Featuring a 16 HP Briggs & Stratton V twin engine w/ electric start, 4 way wedge, 7 second cycle time, 2" ball and will cut and split up to 1 full cord of wood per hour!  Up to 18" diameter wood with 19 ton splitting force, log cable fed with hydraulic windy, unlimited log length can be fed. Automatic oiler, powerful enough to pull a full length tree, built in hydraulic pressure gauge and hour meter.

HUD-SON Wolverine Processor Model A

This unit has a 14 HP engine, 4 way wedge, 7 second cycle time, unlimited log length can be fed, will take up to 18" in diameter and a variable speed winch. Plus an automatic bar oil system

The Wolverine A has all the features as the M plus it has a built in chainsaw, more powerful motor, and later pump. 

HUD-SON Wolverine Processor Model M

This unit has a 10 HP engine, 4 way wedge, 16 fpm 2 stage hydraulic pump, 11 second cycle time, unlimited log length can be fed, will take up to 18" in diameter and a variable speed winch. 

The Wolverine M was designed for the homeowner, farmer, and small wood business in mind, Very portable, can be moved into small or remote areas with the use of an ATV.

Timberwolf Pro-HD Processor

Heavy duty with a 80n HP John Deere diesel engine, this unit delivers a 7 second cycle time. The 5" cylinder and 3 1/2 shaft combination requires less hydraulic fluid to refill the chamber before re-cycling.

Timberwolf Pro-HD XL Processor

Biggest, and baddest processor! Designed for maximum output, a blistering cycle time of 4.5 seconds, 80 HP John Deere Diesel engine, electric auto-cycle, hydraulic oil cooler and comfortable operator seat! 

Timberwolf PRO MP Processor

This unit is designed to be operated by a single worker. Live deck, patented Top Roll system, and a roller guide. It's a productive power house! It can handle logs up to 14' long and 18" diameter and has a super fast 6 second cycle time. MP comes with a 36 HP Yanmanr engine and comes standard with a 4 way wedge. Add a conveyor and you've made your job easier and creating a pile of wood, move the unit and start another pile. 

Timberwolf Pro MP X Processor

This unit takes the single operator to the next level. It has all the same options as the PRO MP, just equipped with a 45HP Mitsubishi power house and faster cycle time of 5 seconds. This unit too you can back up to a conveyor and make massive piles. 

Timberwolf Pro MP XL Processor

This is the newest processor, comes standard with 22-28 bmp, 3 part hydraulic pump to power the conveyor of your choice and has a 4.5 second cycle time, making it the fastest of Timberwolf processors. It also comes standard with electric auto cycle and hydraulic cooler. This unit also has the 45 HP Mitsubishi motor. 

Timberwolf Pro MX Processor

You can saw and split as much as two and half cords an hour with this unit. Slightly lighter than it's near twin PRO-HD models. Stripped down weight (6,500 lbs) makes it easier to tow with lighter vehicles and has a 49 HP John Deere Diesel engine which still has plenty of power to do the job. 

Uniforest Skidding Winches

From 9 models to chose from, you're likely to find one that suits your needs! They have been increasingly popular over time due to the needs for low impacting logging and effective. Featuring wireless control models, extra cable length, lower snatch blocks, removable trailer hitch, full protective screen, and even storage for your chainsaw. 

Affordable manual control (E) and efficent wirelesss control models (H) available.

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